Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun Family Father's Day

Sunday morning Chris and I took dad out to eat breakfast for Father's Day....It was a nice little place there in Estes Park. When we got home we woke Brian and Abby to see if they wanted to go golfing...Brian was not to pumped but Abby did join in. Off we went to GOLF GOLF GOLF! Abby and Dad took a cart; while Chris and I took the other. We had such a great time cheering the guys on. Abby and I rarely get to partake in Dad's favorite sport so we did today.

The view was amazing...the course was surrounded by mountains.

Abby and I the pro drivers and club girls!

Dad and Chris enjoying the day!

After golf we met up with the rest of the family and loaded up the to the Mountain! Thankfully Abby and Brian borrowed a wonderful suburban from a friend in El Campo. (they have a ranch in Denver they keep it at.....and rarely use it) We all fit in the car great, even if I was sitting on a box the whole time.

as stated...loaded up, me on a box, made a great seat though!

Elk....they tend to hang around this one intersection and the golf course!

We had a blast riding up the mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park) to the very top. There was tons of snow still around! The sights were just beautiful too. Once we got to the top mom, dad, and Little Monkey hung out in the visitors center. Abby, Brian, Chris, Little Bear, and I made the trek by foot to the top. It was FREEZING and WINDY....I think it was like 40 degrees and the wind is a steady 40 mph up there. Minus the wind and cold the view made it worth while...

Where we were....

At the bottom next to the visitors center

After we climbed to the top....what a hike!

I mentioned the wind right?

As we trekked back down Little Bear joined up with mom and dad. They were doing a Jr. Ranger program so she got to learn about "lighting safety". Then she became a JR. RANGER!!!

On the way back down we stopped in front of some waterfalls...they were just amazing. It is crazy that all that snow is still there. We stopped around some other neat sights too. Then headed back to the Y for more family fun.

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