Thursday, June 18, 2009

Colorado here we come...

Winston right before we headed out!

Well all I can say is that going out of town in a lot of work! I mean all week I have been pretty busy going to these silly workshops. That way I can have them done and out of the way...and onto my summer. When I wasn't at the workshops I was packing, packing, packing.

I am so super jazzed to be leaving these HOT HOT HOT days and head to some cooler ones. However, I really dislike packing. I began making my list on Monday (while in my workshop...he he he) and have been steady packing since. Thankfully I am almost done!

First you have to do all the laundry.....then you have to think about all the activities you will be doing. Plus you have to keep in mind the different weather temp. I mean from what I hear there is still snow on the mountains.....oh gosh! After many conversations with Abby (poor thing she has 4 to pack for) we figured out what our "needed" things were.

Not only do I have to pack for me....but I also had to pack up my sweet boy. I mean he has to be packed up and sent to the Puppy Hotel by 3. Therefore, most of my day I spent hanging out with little Winston. I mean we are going to be gone for 5 days....poor puppy! I packed up his blankets, toys, and food and off we went. We arrived in time for check in, he really loves that place. The little lady took him...I gave him a kiss and he never even looked back. What a big boy!

Now I am home...making the final touches to packing and of course blogging. My final touches: down loading movies for the ipod, cleaning up the cat box, and double checking my list. This way I am ready to roll out at 4:30 am for the airport. Yes, we have that red eye flight! However once we get there we get to meet up with Abby, Brian and the kiddos and off to the Denver Zoo we go! Then to our final destination Estes Park, Co for the Mudroch Family Reunion....FUN TIMES!

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