Thursday, June 25, 2009

Settling in....

Friday was a long day for most of us. We were so thankful when we arrived to the house to unload everything. The house dad got us was amazing. He had rented it over 4 months was a 3 bedroom and 3 1/2 bath, plenty of space for all 8 of us. (you can see pics of the inside if you click here) I was so excited that Brian, Abby, and I took off running to get "our" rooms....they went down stairs and I went up. It worked out amazingly. Chris and I had the upstairs room with twin beds, mom and dad were in the master on the main level, and Abby and the kiddos got the whole lower level. They had a bedroom, a full bath, and a living area. Little Bear and Little Monkey got to set up camp in the living area which was perfect for keep them away from the noise!

The view from our house...wonderful isn't it!

Dad found this place on the Internet and of course booked it right away...He had printed up some of the pic to take home and show mom. Once we all had put our bags and such away we were reading over all the good amenities. Dad had remembered it had a fire pit he and Abby went to find it. I pulled out the computer to check something....thus realizing NO INTERNET! Abby and Dad came in very disappointed, no fire pit. I added the no Internet, then I asked dad for the print out. He handed it over....

As I read the paper I listed off all the things our house was to have.....sounded okay, except the fire pit and Internet. I then began to look at the pictures...they were DIFFERENT! I asked dad if he was sure he printed the pics of our house, Yes he was. was not the same. Thus bringing out mom's paperwork! Mom double checked our conformation that had been mailed to us. Yes, we were at the address they stated on our conformation. Yes we had the name of the house on our paper. Thus leaving me to think they just put different pic on their website. Then I began to read the description of the house... 4 Bedrooms one on upper lever with twin beds (check we had that), a master bedroom with attached bath (check we had it), 3rd bedroom on main level with queen bed (wait....our 3rd bedroom is down stairs???), and 4th bedroom down stairs. DO YOU THINK THERE IS A PROBLEM???

Well since we had a conformation from the rental person we knew we were at the place they wanted us at. Maybe they didn't have the house we wanted available, but this house was much nicer so it was fine. We were all baffled by this, but went to bed just laughing that they upgraded us and we didn't know it!

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